Using knowledge from ancient civilisations, the pyramids and the Goddesses /guides /ancestors.

Applying sacred healing protocols (words you repeat after us), your intention, ancient symbols, sacred geometry and powerful visualisations, Sacred Source Healing uses 5th dimensional energy and gives you the tools to be your own healer. We are ALL powerful beings and we all have the power within us to heal. We have the templates and blueprints within each of us to unlock our own mastery. You’ll learn how to unlock these powers that lie dormant in your DNA. This form of healing is about the new paradigm, the new earth and we show you how to access this power within yourself. 

This is the most powerful healing modality we’ve ever worked with,using the gold pyramid of healing. Sacred Source Healing works on the sub-conscious level. It empowers and transmutes any issue into a state of perfection, the way Creator intended for us. First session will include Sekhem (an ancient Egyptian form of healing which works with divine feminine healing energy). Sekhem is only available for face-to-face sessions

Sacred Source Healing assists with any issue, including:

  • Past life and karmic issues
  • DNA and ancestral healing
  • Clearing trauma and imbalance
  • Positive transformation in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states
  • Cord cutting
  • Manifesting
  • Chakra balancing
  • Creating your new reality
  • Distant and global healing
  • Spiritual awakening/ascension symptoms

…or whatever issue is presenting at the time.


What to expect in a session:

  • We start the session with a questionnaire and go through the priority issues you would like addressed 
  • During the session, we will be using a combination of your intention to heal, visualisations (you will visualise using the gold ankh pyramid) and sacred protocols – which are high vibrational words that you will repeat after us. Our thoughts and words have a very powerful impact on our DNA


The gold ankh pyramid:

We are powerful beings and alchemists and have the ability to transmute energies. You will visualise any issues going up the stem of the ankh and when it reaches the top of the ankh it is transmuted into a state of perfection. As it comes back down (completely transmuted), it infuses every cell, organ and body system with the new energies. This is how you will visualise with the ankh pyramid. It is an extremely powerful tool.


Note: Please be advised that any healing modality requires your intention to heal. Others can assist us in our healing journey and show you the tools, but ultimately each of us needs to want the healing and put in the work in order for changes to occur.


1st session: $110 – 90 minutes and includes Sekhem if you wish (Sekhem is not available for video call sessions)

Any subsequent sessions: $90 – 60 minutes

Once Sacred Source Healing gives you the tools for healing, you may only require a handful of sessions (sometimes even only one!). It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand the 5D consciousness concept, you will still receive a powerful, deep and empowering healing. Additionally, you will learn the tools for self-healing moving forward.

Let go of fear, replace it with trust and open your consciousness to your own power!

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Online video call sessions

Ethereal Wings work with many clients who live locally, interstate and overseas. We offer online video sessions via Zoom. As long as you have a decent internet connection, we can conduct the session via this method. Please ensure to download Zoom, using this link:

During the session, please ensure you are somewhere you can lay down or sit back in a chair comfortably.

We would like Sacred Source Healing to be available to everyone! Online sessions do not include Sekhem.


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