• positive review My living room is smelling divine, thank you again ladies 🙂

    Alviera Osmand Avatar
    Alviera Osmand

    positive review Wow what amazing products! Stop don’t look anywhere else! These soaps and candles are the bomb! With so many options on the market it’s hard to find good quality products, but these products are the bees knees! They are not only made with love, fantastic quality and you get exceptional service too! ❤️❤️ Thank you Ethereal Wings!! Will never buy another type is soap or candle now I have found these. 5 🌟!!!

    Amanda Atkinson Avatar
    Amanda Atkinson
  • positive review The loveliest candles & soap from the loveliest person ever 🌸 ps. they smell A-MAH-ZING

    Izzati Kasmuri Avatar
    Izzati Kasmuri

    I love my candlez. Especially the round ones, they're my favorite. Thankyou. I can feel the love that's gone into them

    Louise Humphreys Avatar
    Louise Humphreys
  • positive review Smells real goood!! Good work guys, I’d support it, gotta thank my friend for the rec

    Nur Dyanah Ahmad Avatar
    Nur Dyanah Ahmad

    positive review The soaps are beautifully scented and great for your skin. The candles create a wonderful atmosphere and the range is fantastic.

    Peta Guijarro Avatar
    Peta Guijarro
  • positive review Amazing scent to all the candles. And it lasts for so long. It has become a part of daily routine to light one and relax.

    AnnMaria Sj Avatar
    AnnMaria Sj

    positive review loved the candles! great service too! 😊

    Endang Atiqah Avatar
    Endang Atiqah
  • Amazing candles!
    Thank you so much for the one million scented candle.
    A very romantic scent......���

    Karyn Steel Avatar
    Karyn Steel

    positive review The aroma from these candles just took my breathe away, honestly can’t ask for any better! My heart is set on getting future candles from Ethereal Wings from now on 💓

    Mavindri Emika Avatar
    Mavindri Emika

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