• positive review loved the candles! great service too! 😊

    Endang Atiqah Avatar
    Endang Atiqah

    positive review Although I'm not the type of person who is into candles, but the smell is surprisingly quite pleasing and I honestly don't mind getting it again for my friends. 😌

    Hilmi Hussin Avatar
    Hilmi Hussin
  • positive review I have had the pleasure of receiving an awesome candle of frankincense & myrrh and let me tell you, it is great! These two scents are awesome together and very relaxing! Definitely recommend it!

    David DG Avatar
    David DG

    positive review I had the pleasure to be in a workshop where these candles were used. I loved the scent so much I then purchased my own. Great product, great price, from a lovely person.

    Georgina Helliwell Avatar
    Georgina Helliwell
  • Amazing candles!
    Thank you so much for the one million scented candle.
    A very romantic scent......���

    Karyn Steel Avatar
    Karyn Steel

    positive review Amazing scent to all the candles. And it lasts for so long. It has become a part of daily routine to light one and relax.

    AnnMaria Sj Avatar
    AnnMaria Sj
  • I love my candlez. Especially the round ones, they're my favorite. Thankyou. I can feel the love that's gone into them

    Louise Humphreys Avatar
    Louise Humphreys

    positive review The soaps are beautifully scented and great for your skin. The candles create a wonderful atmosphere and the range is fantastic.

    Peta Guijarro Avatar
    Peta Guijarro
  • Ethereal Wings' products are wholesome goodness not only for your inner health but for outer health too. The Rosemary goats milk soap that I use smells divine and feels great on the skin (and perfect for someone with sensitive skin!) Part of my daily ritual is to cleanse and restore the energies in my house by burning my Coconut-Lime soy candle and makes the home feel and smell so inviting. Makes me never want to leave my house! Thank you Ethereal Wings for sharing your love and care to others 🙂

    Naomi Bem Te Vi Avatar
    Naomi Bem Te Vi

    positive review Absolutely love the scented candles. Really lights up the ambience of my room. Definitely recommend, without a doubt!

    Abdullah Faqih Avatar
    Abdullah Faqih

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